It’s been difficult for me to get in the holiday mood this year. You too?


Help me out and tell me what you are grateful for this year and I’ll buy you a book. (PS, if you can’t wait to read, the book is on sale for under a dollar).



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Happy Thanksgiving everyone.

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1 thought on “Grateful”

  1. A good way to start the holiday season. I am grateful for friends, both real life and internet friends. My Twitter friends especially have carried me through this past difficult year and I can never thank them enough. They have sent me books, warm woolly scarves when I said I couldn’t get warm, a quilt they made themselves, tea, chocolates, an Amazon gift card, and more. They’ve prayed for me or held good thoughts for me. Moreover, they’ve been there for me when I’ve needed to cry or to talk about a good memory. So grateful for the community.

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